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About Us - What it is

lorida Voices — the state opinion page — is your one-stop guide to what influential people are saying today, from Pensacola to the Florida Keys. Our facilitated roundtable engages interesting and informed people on the key questions facing Florida, seeking out differing perspectives with a watchful eye for common ground. And in cooperation with our newspaper customers, we provide a platform for Floridians — from the boardrooms to the bar rooms — to get their issues on the public agenda. You know the news. Now let’s talk.
lorida Voices is a new-media company at the intersection of opinion journalism, public affairs and government. We are rooted in the values of journalism; founded and staffed mostly by former newspaper people. We are members of the Florida Press Association.
Online, we are an opinion magazine focused on Florida. Occasionally, we expect to generate talk about national affairs, especially the presidential election. But mostly, we want to talk about issues closer to home. We will work to reflect the diversity of opinions in this great state, and challenge our leaders to solve real problems, however best.
Our customers are newspapers seeking informed commentary on Florida matters; public relations firms wanting to help clients engage the debate; advertisers hoping to reach a niche audience around public affairs; political and government leaders trying to communicate on an issue; people who do business around state government; and everyday citizens who want to better understand and be heard.
We put newspapers first for a reason. We expect to help amplify their voices and be a partner in holding government accountable. An untold story in the earthquake that’s rocked newspapers is the toll it’s taken on editorial boards. Many are a third their size from just a few years ago. Yet remaining editors and publishers are just as passionate about providing readers an interesting array of perspectives.
We plan to help.
We are a bootstrapping start-up, offered no government grants, incentives or subsidies.
We are women-owned.
And we are here to make a difference.

by Dr. Radut.