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John Long
chairman, Tea Party of Florida
What We Have Learned from Four Years of Barack Obama

In winning the White House, Barack Obama campaigned relentlessly.

And as president, Obama campaigns relentlessly.

There is no record of achievement. Everything is worse than four years ago.

There are no great victories to celebrate. From the Arab Spring, to the never-happened Summer of Recovery, Obama has failed at every turn.

Instead of putting together a team of the finest financial minds in America and attacking our sagging economy, Obama put together the biggest cabal of cronies ever assembled who looted taxpayers for over a trillion dollars in gifts to "friendly" corporations, donors and bundlers. Over $5 trillion in deficits in under four years from a president who guaranteed to cut the deficit by half in three years. A typical Obama failure.

Pointing out any obvious failures, however, led to instant charges of racism, hate and a host of accusations from pushing grandma over a cliff, to wanting children to breathe poisoned air. The mainstream media were -- and are -- lapdogs at Obama's feet, happily furthering any mantra, repeating any lie, embracing any twisted logic, all to protect their creation.

I say "their creation" because Obama is a figment of the imagination of the press and the Democratic National Committee. He was a blank page, upon which liberals wrote whatever they wanted and then pretended that was what Obama stood for. Millions of people simply turned off the press and a massive new media was born, to counteract the propaganda ministry that is the mainstream, or old, media.

As we enter the final rounds of Obama's re-election campaign, the networks are suffering a horrendous loss of viewership, just as old guard, liberal newspapers have collapsed. From Breitbart to Dana Loesch, Americans have discovered alternative news sources they believe in. New media is having a dramatic effect on voters and we are in the early stages of this emerging movement.

Obama has pitted himself as the bitter enemy of new media, because he can't count on them to repeat whatever they are told. New media is where stories break, facts are being uncovered, lies are refuted and liars are called out. America learned to tune out the mainstream and tune in to the truth, instead.

Desperate to reclaim their place as the only voice in politics, the mainstream have resorted to fixing polls, over-polling Democrats over Republicans by anywhere from 7 - 17 percent, to arrive at the conclusion they want, instead of the truth. Almost instantly, the new media ferret out the truth, report the dishonesty and further the decline of network and mainstream news organizations.

Predictably, Barack Obama talks about "exercising control" over the Internet and we know that is code for his desire to shut down opposition voices. Many left-wing orators, leftist politicians and progressive concerns have begun to insist that the Electoral College should go away, as that would put the election of every president in the hands of a few states, and allow progressive Democrats to hijack the White House for decades.

So what have we learned from Barack Obama?

It's easy. Freedom is disappearing rapidly as Obama sinks his fangs deeper into America's juggler. The Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Justice have become nothing more than Obama's secret police. The IRS has become the department that attacks and destroys any inconvenient citizen, or organization that speaks up and opposes nationalization of our lives. Their behavior is nothing less than despicable. Obamacare delivers a huge number of our liberties into the hands of unelected, unconfirmed bureaucrats loyal to no one but the president. There is talk of reviving the Fairness Doctrine, which would serve to destroy the new media and return the failed, mainstream media, to prominence.

Americans have learned that not a single one of our freedoms is safe as long as we allow ourselves to be manipulated by a corrupt administration and a sycophantic press corps.

The TEA Party is the direct result of Obama's assault on the middle class, freedom of speech and freedom from the gargantuan bondage of Obama's debt. We learned to speak out, speak up, speak often. We refuse to shut up and let those who tell us they are better, manage our lives. If you haven't already, I hope you will visit us at: www.TEAPartyofFlorida.US and participate in reclaiming America.

John Long is chairman of the TEA Party of Florida.

by Dr. Radut.