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The city of Lakeland takes seriously the serene animals for which it is known and rounds up the birds annually for physical checkups.
Lakeland Ledger
It's one small but creative idea for saving more of the 20,000 dogs and cats that end up in Hillsborough County's animal shelter every year.
Tampa Bay Times
A Cape Coral man did some rearranging of the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend” recently.
Fort Myers News-Press
When Flipper comes upside your boat, poking his cute schnoz in the air and making cute little squeaky noises, he can be hard to resist.
Venice Gondolier Sun
Appreciation aside, harassing or disturbing a manatee is a crime, as it should be.
Tampa Bay Times
First, the group Pet Come Home Inc. was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Florida Animal Friend Inc.
Pensacola News-Journal
Sharpen your pens, you animal rights people. You’re not going to like this.
Baker County Press
Residents in an eastern Leon County community are expressing alarm over a neighbor’s attempts to rid his property of pesky squirrels.
Tallahassee Democrat
Rebuilding public confidence in the troubled agency is not a part-time job.
Tampa Bay Times
Please don’t feed the bears, or dolphins.
Punta Gorda Herald
Many animals are adopted, finding new owners and happy homes through the Tallahassee Animal Service Center.
Tallahassee Democrat
For the second time since May, Lee County Domestic Animal Services is in crisis.
Gasparilla Gazette
Hundreds participated in effort to save whales after they were stranded in St. Lucie County.
Treasure Coast Palm
For the second time since May, Lee County Domestic Animal Services is in crisis.
Fort Myers Beach Talk
For the second time since May, Lee County Domestic Animal Services is in crisis.
Cape Coral Daily Breeze
It was called the Sanctuary Animal Refuge, but it was anything but that. It was a den of horrors.
Treasure Coast Palm
Earlier this summer, in the Gulf waters near the Florida-Alabama border, somebody stabbed a screwdriver into the head of a bottlenose dolphin.
Miami Herald

Op Ed


Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Something needs to be done before we lose this valuable resource.

News Press of Fort Myers

Letter To The Editor

We have a serious problem in Rotonda. My little 9-pound poodle was carried off in my front yard by a coyote, about 120 pounds, on Saturday night...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
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