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Citizen Rights

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APD should be more diligent in investigating possible Sunshine Law violations.
The policy of prohibiting convicted felons from voting, keeps an estimated 5.8 million Americans from exercising a basic part of citizenship.
Fort Myers News-Press
Kemba Smith Pradia went to Tallahassee last week to demand the right to vote.
Miami Herald
On Amendment 6, The Miami Herald recommends: Vote No.
Miami Herald
Almost 40 years after the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade decision, lawmakers are still warring over abortion policy.
Orlando Sentinel
Witnessing what looked to be Occupy Tampa's last stand this week was like saying goodbye to a sweet but unfocused young nephew.
Tampa Bay Times
The Republican Party of Florida fired a vendor who potentially submitted hundreds of incorrect registration voter forms across the state.
Tampa Bay Times
The United States Supreme Court opened a new term Monday in which it is expected to consider overturning a key portion of the Voting Rights Act.
Tampa Bay Times
Mayor Teresa Jacobs, commissioners and staff were texting like teenagers during the meeting, and deleted the messages afterward.
Orlando Sentinel
It’s unfortunate that a federal judge Monday refused to block a state law that cuts the number of early voting days in Florida from 14 days to eight.
Florida Today
Elections supervisors should not remove a single voter from the rolls without personally reviewing every file themselves.
Tampa Bay Times
To imagine that you can keep a lid on that message in a room that size is like relying on a cave painting in a text-message world.
Pensacola News-Journal
Like most things that come out of the Florida Legislature, we were told House Bill 1355 would make things better.
Tampa Tribune
It’s unfortunate that a federal judge on Monday refused to block a state law that cuts the number of early voting days.
Pensacola News-Journal
The state of NFL officiating is so bad, it’s enough to make Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pro-union.
Panama City News Herald
Consumer Reports found enough organic and inorganic arsenic in rice to recommend that parents limit the amount given children.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The documentation requirements for citizens are onerous for some.
Lakeland Ledger

Letter To The Editor

The Winter Park Commission was correct in banning protests in close proximity to personal residential units. Although the First Amendment gives an...

Orlando Sentinel

The child of rape or incest is every...

Tampa Bay Times


Orlando Sentinel


Very few...

Tampa Bay Times

Op Ed

Amendment 6, which bolsters the rights of parents to be involved in medical decisions affecting their minor children, should be supported by all...

Tallahassee Democrat

Over the past 10 years Chick-fil-A has donated more than $10 million to anti-gay hate groups, $2 million in 2010 alone.

Pensacola News-Journal

by Dr. Radut.