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It’s easy to understand why there were skeptics about the unemployment figures last week.
Florida Today
Reaction to the seemingly good news that unemployment dropped in September to 7.8 percent, highlighting just how cynical people have become.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Now what Volusia and Flagler counties need are more policies and incentives to boost the manufacturing sector in the two-county region.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Manufacturers, one of the key components in the diversification of our economy, are dealing with a skills gap in the workforce.
Bradenton Herald
A raft of Florida International University links to China is riding high on a wave of US academic forays in Asia that enhance prestige.
Miami Today
You may recall some chatter early this year about plans to transform the area around the University of South Florida.
Tampa Tribune
The Island real estate market's slow but steady recovery got another measure of support recently.
Anna Maria Island Sun
Witnessing what looked to be Occupy Tampa's last stand this week was like saying goodbye to a sweet but unfocused young nephew.
Tampa Bay Times
If this project comes through, downtown can expect a major economic victory whose benefits will spread through the arts and entertainment district.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Budget bickering could spoil Brevard's first employment growth since 2007.
Florida Today
Better off than four years ago? You bet we are.
Palm Beach Post
J. Michael Mullis has issued a challenge to Northwest Florida: Prepare to compete fiercely for aerospace jobs that are up for grabs.
Panama City News Herald
The Wall Street Journal reported a growing numbers of young Americans are boosting savings, cutting spending and planning for retirement.
Ocala Star-Banner
Growing numbers of young Americans are boosting savings, cutting spending and planning for retirement.
Lakeland Ledger
The effects of the Great Recession and the 2010 oil spill are fading. The wheels of the private sector are starting to turn again.
Northwest Florida Daily News
Young people increasingly are starting up rainy-day and retirement accounts -- motivated, in many cases, by fear.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
New Census figures on income in our community, however, show that this litany of anecdotes is the new narrative of our community.
Ocala Star-Banner

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BOTH recent administrations ran up the national debt and BOTH favored massive bank and industrial bailouts to the auto industry.


by Dr. Radut.