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Power Magazine chose JEA as one of the top six best-operated coal-fired power plants in the world.
Florida Times-Union
City, county hire energy auditors to squeeze savings from energy use.
Charlotte Sun
If you eagerly tuned in to the presidential debate Wednesday night then chances are you’ve been brainwashed and you don’t even know it.
Independent Florida Alligator
Welcome to Florida's nuclear Armageddon. You had better hide your wallet.
Orlando Sentinel
The Gulf of Mexico and Alaska's Chukchi Sea both illustrate the increasing futility of an energy policy heavily dependent on oil.
Lakeland Ledger
The scam/hustle/shakedown known as the nuclear cost recovery fee will be argued in front of the Florida Supreme Court today.
Tampa Bay Times
The Nopetro compressed natural gas fueling station that opened last week is a welcome addition to this community’s commerce.
Tallahassee Democrat
The president and Congress must shape a long-term policy that reduces dependence on the dwindling supply of fossil fuels and facilitates.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The Nopetro compressed natural gas fueling station that opened last week is a welcome addition to this community's commerce.
Tallahassee Democrat
We hope all the work and cost in developing the technology necessary to put a dent in our oil dependency pays off soon.
Highlands Today
The suggested sale of a private utility serving three Pasco neighborhoods brings the potential for consistent, local control to customers.
Tampa Bay Times
It’s good news that plans are moving ahead to build a solar farm in the county just west of Leon County, starting late next year.
Tallahassee Democrat
The 100-megawatt biomass plant is nearly complete, and Gainesville Regional Utilities is contractually obligated to buy the generator's output.
Gainesville Sun
Sarasota city commissioners listened to one citizen after another express passionate support for a clean-energy fund and then voted against it.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
GRU's solar incentive notwithstanding, Florida isn't exactly on the leading edge in maximizing its solar assets.
Gainesville Sun
Despite their effort to be fiscally responsible, commissioners' decision to jettison the energy fund may come back to haunt them.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Lakeland Electric's decision to allow customers to refuse installation of a smart electric meter makes sense.
Lakeland Ledger

Op Ed

In May, the Democrat published our My View (“Courts let citizens take on nuclear power giants”) that the state Supreme Court is the only venue...

Tallahassee Democrat

A misguided state law that...

Palm Beach Post

Amid Public Service Commission hearings that continue this week on nuclear cost recovery, it is important to pause and reflect on this component...

Tallahassee Democrat

For the next decade, a diversified mix of energy sources will remain strategically important.

News Press of Fort Myers

In the Sunshine State, where we lag behind most other states in renewable energy industry job creation, we still do not have a Renewable Energy...

Tallahassee Democrat

Ah, summertime and with it arrives the stark reality that we now live within altered regional and national climate patterns.

Tallahassee Democrat

I chose to fight for my country because I felt a sense of duty to protect the freedoms and liberties that make our nation great.

Tallahassee Democrat

Letter To The Editor

The largest producer of wind energy in America is based here in Florida. Yes, that’s right. Nextera Energy based in Juno Beach produces enough...

St. Augustine Record

The recent ...

Daytona Beach News-Journal

by Dr. Radut.