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The time may be right for an ethics reform movement in Florida.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Tony Walker, the former chief of police at the Airport, got off easy for a person who had held the public’s trust in more than one capacity.
Panama City News Herald
Don Gaetz won’t be sworn in as president of the Florida Senate until Nov. 20, but he’s already signaling there’s a new sheriff in town.
Panama City News Herald
County Commissioners should reverse their vote to use office funds to curry favor with district voters.
Miami Herald
As mayor, I knew they had met, but I said I didn’t know.
Palm Beach Post
The court clerk function is an administrative one that does not even require an elected official. It does require somebody with common sense.
Florida Times-Union
People in public office often nurse a sense of entitlement.
Northwest Florida Daily News
Just when you thought local politics couldn’t get any slimier, it has. The state should investigate.
Citrus County Chronicle
Working as a county commissioner AND a city employee AND collecting a cut of Mullet Festival sponsorships added up to pretty good take-home pay.
Northwest Florida Daily News
At the very least, Dr. Berkland has a lot more explaining to do.
Northwest Florida Daily News
Frank LaRosa deceived the state out of $5,554 in unemployment pay and now he wants voters to trust him a second time.
Fort Myers News-Press
Orange City Councilman Tom Abraham should resign from his post and apologize to residents for behavior that dishonored his office and the city.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Sometimes, doing the right thing can cost you your job.
As of Monday, 2,313 public officials still haven’t bothered to file the financial disclosure declarations required by Florida law.
Miami Herald
We applaud Integrity Florida and call on Gov. Scott and the Legislature to implement reforms that will reverse the dangerous course Florida is on.
Fort Meade Leader
The city’s chief ethics officer announced plans to review the operations of the Police and Fire Pension Fund.
Florida Times-Union
Integrity Florida has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet to state lawmakers.
Treasure Coast Palm

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by Dr. Radut.