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States must have broad leeway in how the money from BP is spent.
Pensacola News-Journal
There’s ample reason to worry that Congress will fail to agree or will agree to cuts and reforms that never will be enacted.
Palm Beach Post
Reports swirled that the Justice Department was negotiating a deal with BP to settle civil and criminal charges resulting from the oil spill.
Panama City News Herald
FEMA's dogged determination to recoup these funds defies common sense.
Treasure Coast Palm
You may want to sit down while you read this, especially if you believe the federal government has gone completely crazy.
Florida Times-Union
The Gulf of Mexico and Alaska's Chukchi Sea both illustrate the increasing futility of an energy policy heavily dependent on oil.
Lakeland Ledger
Kennedy should remain the court's focus for the foreseeable future.
Suncoast News
The scandal and tragedy — reinforced by Tuesday’s fatal shooting of a Border Patrol agent in Arizona — are a blot on two administrations.
Palm Beach Post
A Thursday report has injected fresh fear into national markets — and again highlighted the importance of the economy as an issue in the election.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
A major project is needed to allow the entry of more talented people and to end inequities elsewhere.
Florida Times-Union
Our beloved U.S. Postal Service has found it necessary to issue a plea to Florida drivers to stop driving their cars into post office buildings.
Palm Beach Post
The national parks, including the Florida Everglades, face a grim outlook if the nation doesn't get its budget fiasco under control.
Tampa Tribune
Put simply, the bailouts worked.
Florida Today
The U.S. Postal Service is purposely enticing advertising out of newspapers so ads can be placed instead with USPS favored stakeholder Valassis Inc.
Williston Pioneer Sun News
“The question is: Should the government spend money on scientific research?"
Palm Beach Post
With the government’s sale last week of $20.5 billion of stock in AIG, the much-maligned TARP is inching closer to the break-even point.
Fort Myers News-Press
This shows that the public can make reasonable decisions when given the right information. Unfortunately, there still is a lot of misinformation.
Florida Times-Union

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