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Florida Politics

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Gov. Rick Scott is the top Republican official in Florida, as such, he is the leader of the Republican Party of Florida, but you'd never know it.
Lakeland Ledger
Successful candidates know to always synchronize a batch of campaign mail with the election supervisor’s mass-mailing of absentee ballots.
Florida Today
The South Florida politicians doing the whining are simply tiresome, talk about an un-fine whine.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
I must say a few words in defense of the much-maligned Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican Party of Florida and the Kotch brothers.
Gainesville Sun
With both presidential candidates directly addressing college students in their campaigns, it’s important that Florida A&M students pay attention.
The menu included Florida politics and asparagus rolled in pancetta on the set of “Live with Lori,” a new locally based cooking show.
Florida Today
Gov. Rick Scott and Florida Republicans were right all along: There was a voter fraud problem in Florida.
Pensacola News-Journal
A new poll from a liberal immigration-advocacy group shows Latino voters could help both Barack Obama and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in Florida this year.
Lakeland Ledger
“Live with Lori,” is a new locally based cooking program on the Sun Sports Network that features talk with Florida political figures.
Florida Today
It’s the naked truth about Boynton Beach politics.
Palm Beach Post
Who would have thought that two disparate instances of imprudence back in 2003 would have such relevance in the Florida election of 2012?
Miami Herald
Little rang genuine about the debate as each candidate pandered to their own delegate bases, cherry-picking facts and accomplishing little.
USF Oracle
In recent weeks, we have seen Disney try to bully, muscle and buy the public policy it wants.
Orlando Sentinel
Too many local and national politicos try to rewrite political and business history to suit their ideological agendas. Even U.S. presidents do it.
Biz Pac Review
Broward Clerk of Court deserves another term.
Miami Herald
The Sentinel endorses Phil Archer for state attorney in the 18th Judicial Circuit.
Orlando Sentinel
We endorse Darren Soto in Senate District 14, Andy Gardiner in District 13, and Geraldine Thompson in District 12.
Orlando Sentinel

Letter To The Editor

We political independents use common sense to evaluate politicians with an open mind. We seek the best person for our country, state or county. If...

Suncoast News

Ever wonder why it is that the rabid conservative Republican writers get so many of their vile rants about President Obama printed? Is it because...

Hernando Today

As a group, these amendments create...

Tampa Bay Times

So, unlike Dan Callaghan, I am not changing my party affiliation from Democrat to independent. I will keep working within the party to see that we...

Suncoast News

As a registered Republican, I am...

Tampa Bay Times

Op Ed

On Sept. 21, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) announced that it would actively oppose the merit retention of all three Florida Supreme Court...

Tallahassee Democrat

The Republican Party of Florida took the unprecedented step of voting to oppose the retention of these three justices.

Naples Daily News

Florida state law requires...

Gainesville Sun

Public versus private compensation....

Tampa Bay Times

by Dr. Radut.