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Governor Scott

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Gov. Rick Scott made the right call on Tuesday when he said he would support funding a state database aimed at fighting prescription-pill abuse.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Gov. Rick Scott is the top Republican official in Florida, as such, he is the leader of the Republican Party of Florida, but you'd never know it.
Lakeland Ledger
The Florida party letter, signed by Gov. Rick Scott, that seeks GOP donations from backers of Scott’s fight for purging voter rolls.
Naples Daily News
As a master of perfect timing, Florida Gov. Rick Scott makes Gen. George Custer look like the Duke of Wellington.
Tampa Bay Times
We get it: Gov. Rick Scott and state legislative leaders hate “Obamacare.”
Ocala Star-Banner
Gov. Scott should fulfill his primary duty as governor and put Floridians' lives at the top of his agenda.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The board extended the search after attracting only 16 applicants, none of whom appeared to have the right stuff.
Suncoast News
It's time for the governor's actions to match his rhetoric.
Tampa Bay Times
What's worrisome is that Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature may seize on UF's success as an excuse to cut even deeper into state funding.
Lakeland Ledger
At his beachfront mansion in Naples, the doorbell rings as Gov. Rick Scott anxiously awaits the arrival of his top political adviser.
Tampa Tribune
Instead of attending to important business Gov. Scott continues the hunt for those phantom noncitizen voters.
Miami Herald
Florida taxpayers need to know that failing to adequately undertake water solutions for the future will cost them far more later.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The letter urged the governor to restore $240 million in funding he stripped from the five water district budgets last year.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Elections supervisors should not remove a single voter from the rolls without personally reviewing every file themselves.
Tampa Bay Times
Governor Scott should heed former district governors.
Citrus County Chronicle
On the other hand, the state has completely ignored absentee ballots.
Tampa Bay Times
The board extended the search after attracting only 16 applicants, none of whom appeared to have the right stuff.
Tallahassee Democrat

Op Ed

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I suggest that the statistical methodology used to grade districts and schools is not valid.

News Press of Fort Myers

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And yet my son has already lost all...

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At least 99 people since 2004 have been infected by tuberculosis in Jacksonville, in the worse outbreak of TB in the United States in 20 years. At...

Tallahassee Democrat

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Orlando Sentinel

Even so, Scott evidently left a...

Bradenton Herald


Ocala Star Banner

The governor says Florida can’t afford the extra cost to extend health insurance for the working poor. How many of us, poor or not, would love...

Pensacola News-Journal

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