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Middle East

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If Mr. Romney has been vague about his tax plan, Mr. Obama has been similarly vague about foreign policy initiatives for a second term.
Palm Beach Post
Both rebutted President Obama’s defense of freedom of expression, arguing that cultural limits on rights like freedom of speech had to be respected.
Diario Las Americas
Iran and Israel are playing a dangerous game of "chicken."
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
CNN revealed Friday it had used U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens’ journal, found by a reporter, as a source.
USF Oracle
President Obama struck the right balance Tuesday between criticizing Islamic extremism and an approach toward improving relationships with Arab world.
Tampa Bay Times
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is asking for a commitment that makes no diplomatic or military sense.
Palm Beach Post
It is apparently an article of faith for many in the Muslim world that the film represents a U.S. government attack upon Islam.
Miami Herald
Netanyahu shot back, "Those ... who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel."
Biz Pac Review
Freedom of speech? What freedom of speech?
Sebring News Sun
One election prediction: The next president of the United States will not move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Palm Beach Post
The principal and football coach also share the blame, and they should not have gotten off so easily.
Tampa Bay Times
The same military that ushered Hosni Mubarak from power is now threatening Egypt's revolution just as it gets off the ground.
Tampa Bay Times
Sometimes leadership lies in knowing what not to do — and then not doing it.
Northwest Florida Daily News
Once again, our "friends" in the Middle East have demonstrated their contempt for the U.S. in its mission to bring freedom to that part of the world.
Hernando Today
The Obama Administration should be prepared to respond smartly to events and an election outcome it can't predict and certainly cannot control.
Tampa Bay Times
As a nation, we are almost bankrupt. Can we afford to fund Afghanistan at the expense of the American citizens?
Hernando Today
President Barack Obama went to Afghanistan, but the import of the moment was undercut by his campaign video.
Naples Daily News

Letter To The Editor


What drives...

Tampa Bay Times

Amateurish, incompetent and...

Bradenton Herald

Say no to war.

Florida Times-Union

Let’s get our own backyard in order before we try to change the rest of the world.

Florida Today

Op Ed

It's sobering to read the chapters on Iraq in Colin Powell's new book, to ponder the waste of soldiers' lives that resulted from...

Tallahassee Democrat

Trying to democratize that tribal nation is a foolish goal. We ought to bring all our troops home now.


There is little wonder why the Palestinians refuse to return to peace talks with the Israelis, as long as Israel continues to expand its...

St. Augustine Record

The recent run-up in prices at the gas pump is in part tied to increased concerns about another war in the Middle East — this time with Iran.

Tallahassee Democrat

Bizarrely, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami, denied use for trade facilitation, tourism promotion, scholarships for Palestinian students and...

Palm Beach Post

With U.S. troops finally out of Iraq and our involvement in Afghanistan perhaps coming to a close, our nation begins a new chapter in its...

Tallahassee Democrat
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