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Dear Readers: News organizations often charge for access to archived stories, so it’s likely that many links shown here will expire over time. We consider it a service to make you aware of these archived opinion pieces. And if you want to read more, we encourage you to do business with our newspaper customers.

California lawmakers are hoping to start a new trend: states managing retirement funds on behalf of private-sector workers.
Fort Myers News-Press
Education levels attained by Miami-Dade County's Hispanic population have grown exponentially and are pulling ahead of other areas in the nation.
Miami Today
Deadbeat states are on the prowl, and unless politicians from fiscally responsible states stand their ground, they could end up soaking the rest of us
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Deadbeat states are on the prowl, and the ne-er-do-wells could end up soaking the rest of America for a fortune.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
David Walker is a modern Paul Revere, traveling the nation, warning about the debt.
Florida Times-Union
In search of material for editorials, we have encountered these interesting statistics, snapshots of our age.
Florida Times-Union
The Chicago teachers’ strike should rank as a tin-eared PR blunder on par with New Coke and “A Christmas Story 2”.
Panama City News Herald
Many of us wonder when and how America lost that feeling of brotherhood and became, once again, such a fragmented, tribal nation.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
For those who were young on Sept. 11, 2001, this date also demands recognition and respect.
Florida Times-Union
Whether in a group or individually, take a moment to remember those innocent people.
Pensacola News-Journal
Are we lowering the American flag to half-staff too often?
Tallahassee Democrat
Take care, dear candidates, how you employ the divide-and-conquer strategy of political campaigning. We have met The Others and they are us.
Pensacola News-Journal
Let's hear a big cheer for high schools that extend patriotic gestures to fans at football games this week, in advance of Sept. 11 memorials.
Naples Daily News
With good reason, there is considerable interest in these weeks in the United States of America about political events in the nation.
Diario Las Americas
When half of those age 50 and over fear they may never be able financially to retire, we are not at the place we should be.
Treasure Coast Palm
It was refreshing to have a man such as Neil Armstrong walk amongst us and invest his knowledge and spirit to further the American dream for others.
Hernando Today
Looming in the background of this presidential election is a host of tough budget choices that nobody wants to make.
Florida Times-Union

Op Ed

A few days ago, I visited Arlington National Cemetery. As I walked for several hours among the many, many columns of our patriots, I wondered what...

Tallahassee Democrat

For the next decade, a diversified mix of energy sources will remain strategically important.

News Press of Fort Myers

A long and familiar list of concerns fuels Americans' discontent this election season: the economy, taxes, the deficit, health-care reform and on...

Tallahassee Democrat

The tragic death of six Sikhs in suburban Milwaukee sheds light on the ugly ways that bigotry works.

Tallahassee Democrat

Politicos of all stripes use code to send signals to their base and to make their agendas more palatable to both the opposition and the undecided...

St. Augustine Record

Many political documents are nothing more than statements of a moment. They're outdated almost as quickly as a daily newspaper.

Tallahassee Democrat

Letter To The Editor

We have to decide, as a country, if we have a moral obligation to provide basic medical care to all citizens.


Northwest Florida Daily News

I got curious about the protocol of when it is appropriate to fly the U.S. flag at half staff. Here is a copy of the “rules” for those who got...

Citrus County Chronicle

It is the bounty of the American land that has made us great, not our beliefs or institutions.
If there is a god she must surely despise us...

Gainesville Sun

Our United States of America cannot succeed and prosper on the negativism going on among our folks we elected to support our great nation and its...

St. Augustine Record
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