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This law would eliminate a previous amendment to the Constitution that says government revenue cannot be given to religious groups.
Tampa Bay Times
Be aware of the measure’s full ramifications … and vote yes.
Northwest Florida Daily News
On Amendment 8, The Miami Herald recommends: Vote No.
Miami Herald
The constitutional revision has galvanized opponents as well as supporters.
Orlando Sentinel
America was founded with a hand on the Bible and with “Our Lord” in the Constitution. When we violate our core basics, it is always destructive.
Fort Meade Leader
Pastors in Brevard have a message to share with churchgoers in this supercharged election year:
Florida Today
Amendment 8, referred to as the religious freedom amendment, is one of eleven amendments on the ballot.
Naples Daily News
Dear fellow journalists: Please ignore Terry Jones.
Palm Beach Post
Preacher Terry Jones’ hub of hate sits on vast green grounds in the northwest fringe of this otherwise progressive college town.
Miami Herald
Why are we not surprised that Gainesville's most hateful religious "leader" is once again playing the stooge for terrorists?
Gainesville Sun
Recent campaign rhetoric has brought about a resurgence of extreme religious groups advocating for implementation of laws that violate church-state.
Central Florida Future
If the world is changing, so is the historic silence of those who don’t believe in God or religion.
Tallahassee Democrat
Today feels like the sun broke through again, like we are digging out and looking around and saying, hey, we did okay.
Tampa Bay Times
In the days following 9/11, workers amid the rubble found something very interesting: two metal beams that intersected to form the shape of a cross.
Sebring News Sun
It’s disheartening to see another controversy brewing over school prayer.
Pensacola News-Journal
I think people should be allowed to hold Bible studies in their homes. But it's not OK to lie about your intentions.
Sebring News Sun
The new law, gives Florida's 67 public school districts the option of allowing students to deliver "inspirational messages" during school hours.
Naples Daily News

Op Ed

America was founded under the principle that citizens must never be coerced through taxation to support religious institutions. In 1779, the...

Tallahassee Democrat

Few public issues are as absorbing as...

Tampa Bay Times

As a group we are committed to...

Bradenton Herald

Singling out capable social service providers simply because they are faith-based is fiscally unsound and, without a doubt, discrimination.

News Press of Fort Myers

Letter To The Editor

Yep, Amendment 8 is delicious! I can taste it now! Religious competition for my tax dollars, using them to expand religious schools that can take...

Naples Daily News

Voters should not be fooled. Despite the deceptive title (Florida Religious Freedom Amendment) Amendment 8 is not about freedom.

News Press of Fort Myers

 I do not know whether I...

Palm Beach Post

by Dr. Radut.