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Tallahassee officials are talking with federal officials about expanding Medicaid, let's hope they don't break the Florida budget in the process.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
One of our favorite local groups is back this year sponsoring one of our favorite local events, a good bike ride on a fall day for a good cause
Punta Gorda Herald
The St. Andrew clinic — and the indigent population it serves — may pay a steep price for the county’s failure.
Panama City News Herald
When a Flagler County woman was drowning in legal problems, a Palm Coast attorney reached into the waters and pulled her out of a sea of misery.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Created by USA Weekend magazine in 1992, the nation’s largest day of volunteering is set for Saturday, Oct. 27.
Fort Myers News-Press
If the Chuck Hill Unit of the Boys and Girls Club of St. Lucie County doesn't raise $150,000 by the end of the year, it may have to close the doors.
Treasure Coast Palm
Make a Difference Day is approaching. On the fourth Saturday of October, millions of Americans rally into action to improve the lives of others.
Fort Myers News-Press
The latest, senseless killing in Fort Myers should stand as a powerful reminder community outreach efforts must continue.
Fort Myers News-Press
Funding for legal assistance for the poor and financially troubled has hit rock-bottom all across Florida.
Panama City News Herald
The topic of food stamps seems more designed to demean government assistance than to develop a viable alternative.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Like so many homeless people who end up at the Sulzbacher Center, Nita Wilkes arrived with children, two teenage daughters and a baby on the way.
Florida Times-Union
Forty years after its first delivery of meals to the homebound, disabled and elderly, Meals on Wheels today sends out about 1,100 meals daily.
Bradenton Herald
Imagine their surprise when the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income taxes learned that they are all a bunch of government-dependent sponges.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Gridlock often is bad. In this case, it’s better, and more practical, than bashing the poor.
Palm Beach Post
Hundreds, possibly thousands, of volunteers will hit the beaches in the Sunshine State Sept. 15 as part of the International Coastal Cleanup.
Treasure Coast Palm
People who go through the Family Foundations programs are helped to restore their credit and build the ability to buy a house and keep it.
Florida Times-Union
Donations have been pouring in since word spread about the rising tide of hunger and the Food Bank of Manatee's barren shelves.
Bradenton Herald

Letter To The Editor

More than 1 in 3 adults have some form of cardiovascular disease – the No. 1 killer of American men and women. The good news is 80 percent of...

Fort Meade Leader

A number of philanthropists like Gov. Romney give millions to charity, and many others give just a few dollars to help the less fortunate in our...

Citrus County Chronicle

A visit to our church men’s group by Judge David Dugan in 2008 was pivotal for me. He expressed concern about kids in poor neighborhoods getting...

Florida Today

Only food can be bought — not toilet tissue, soap, alcohol or cigarettes – on a food assistance card. The government uses one card for both. To...

Hernando Today

For families struggling economically, the WIC program (Women, Infants and Children) is available for purchasing staple food products. There is no...

Tampa Bay Times

Op Ed

Our patients face multiple roadblocks to getting tested for HIV. Showing up at the hospital or doctor’s office should not be another one.

Florida Times-Union

The FALA does not agree that additional layers of regulation and government oversight of these private enterprises are warranted.

Tallahassee Democrat

Singling out capable social service providers simply because they are faith-based is fiscally unsound and, without a doubt, discrimination.

News Press of Fort Myers


Orlando Sentinel

by Dr. Radut.