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The time may be right for an ethics reform movement in Florida.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
The search to replace Gerard Robinson and Florida Commissioner of Educationk yielded just 16 resumes after a four-month national search.
Lakeland Ledger
Two historic oaks at the Old Capitol need replacing.
Tallahassee Democrat
Unreasonable restrictions on the funding of Florida’s prescription drug database threaten to act like a poison pill — dooming the database.
Ocala Star-Banner
Florida's $128 billion state employees pension fund looks relatively healthy and with enough money to pay 86 percent of its long-term obligations.
Suncoast News
Should the Florida Supreme Court rule against the state, the need for pension reform isn't going to go away.
Lakeland Ledger
The state needs to give the database a stable source of money.
Palm Beach Post
Welcome to Florida's nuclear Armageddon. You had better hide your wallet.
Orlando Sentinel
The state can pay a little now, or pay dearly later in lives lost.
Orlando Sentinel
On Amendments 2, 4, 9, 10 and 11, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
The Observer Group
Unreasonable restrictions on the funding of Florida's prescription drug database threaten to act like a poison pill.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Amendments 5 and 12 on Florida’s November ballot deal with how people are appointed to positions of authority.
Northwest Florida Daily News
This year the “gap” — the amount the state employee pension fund is underfunded — is $19.2 billion.
Gainesville Sun
Don’t tinker with Constitution to limit or exempt taxes and revenue.
Miami Herald
It's time for the governor's actions to match his rhetoric.
Tampa Bay Times
The Florida Board of Education was prudent last week when it voted to extend its search for a new education commissioner two more months.
Ocala Star-Banner
When red-light cameras don’t produce the revenues from traffic violations that were originally projected, is that a positive development?
Panama City News Herald

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Tallahassee Democrat

At one time, Florida Forever stood as the largest program of its kind in the country.


These amendments are some of the most...

Tampa Bay Times

Public versus private compensation....

Tampa Bay Times

Letter To The Editor

The Department of Environmental Protection is embracing a town proposal to build a 3,500-foot pipe extension to bring sand from the south jetty at...

Palm Beach Daily News

Social welfare expenditures...

Palm Beach Post

The school year is under way, and once again, the state of Florida is looking for an education commissioner to lead our public schools. The former...

Orlando Sentinel

Please consider making history and leaving a permanent legacy from this County Commission by creating the Bay County Permanent Fund.


Panama City News Herald

by Dr. Radut.