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The countries that are victims of Islamic terrorism should coordinate efforts to confront this huge threat of terrorism.
Diario Las Americas
Talk of imminent war with Iran has subsided, since Iran shows signs that war may not be necessary to halt the country’s nuclear program.
Palm Beach Daily News
The last time I saw Michael Nicholson, he was sitting in a wheelchair surrounded by friends.
Tampa Tribune
The government of the United States of America as well as those in Europe must be aware that the threat of the Islamic extremists has not disappeared.
Diario Las Americas
We recommend a "yes" vote on the proposed state Constitutional Amendment No. 2.
Gainesville Sun
The United States and its NATO partners need to carefully proceed with the withdrawal planned for the end of 2014.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
The Obama administration is relying too heavily on unmanned drones in the war on terrorism and, as a result, is killing innocent civilians.
Tampa Bay Times
Iran and Israel are playing a dangerous game of "chicken."
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Another group that has endured more than its share of wartime hardship that often gets overlooked: the families of our service men and women.
Ocala Star-Banner
The last two presidents have misled voters on the cost of armed conflicts. The drumbeats of war are sounding again. This time the subject is Iran.
Charlotte Sun
Afghanistan is still more mess than progress, and the U.S. should waste no time in leaving a nation that doesn’t want to be built.
Palm Beach Post
The shifting story on the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is becoming a problem for the administration of President Barack Obama.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Sleek, majestic and extremely lethal are the descriptors that came to mind as one viewed the largest display of naval firepower in Key West since WWII
Key West Citizen
The small-boat trainers ought to confine their war games to the vast, empty Eglin reservation, which is far better suited to this kind of activity.
Northwest Florida Daily News
The nation is long past the warning stage regarding a high rate of suicides in the military.
Florida Times-Union
After a decade of occupation, conditions “on the ground” in Afghanistan seem to grow worse by the day.
Gainesville Sun
It is apparently an article of faith for many in the Muslim world that the film represents a U.S. government attack upon Islam.
Miami Herald

Letter To The Editor

I approached the 20 or so soldiers in my path on my way to the commanding general's office at the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence at...

Tampa Bay Times

We train their police, we...

Lakeland Ledger

The state of Florida is cutting services to the disabled again, because of their failure to run the Agency for Persons with Disabilities...

Bradenton Herald

Mike Morris qualifies for having his name inscribed on the Honor Roll at the Courthouse plaza in Brooksville, but I did not have the heart to say...

Hernando Today


What drives...

Tampa Bay Times

It seems odd that when an...

Tampa Tribune

Torture is never acceptable. The presidential campaign is dominating the headlines, but Americans should know that the Senate Select Committee on...

Orlando Sentinel

If we stay in that country...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Op Ed

I chose to fight for my country because I felt a sense of duty to protect the freedoms and liberties that make our nation great.

Tallahassee Democrat

The first Allied offensive in World War II was in the Solomon Islands at Guadalcanal and nearby islands Tulagii, Florida and Gavutu on Aug. 7,...

Panama City News Herald
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