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Every October 12th, the civilized world celebrates another anniversary of the Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.
Diario Las Americas
Wars kill children. Cults kill children. Whenever it happens, it is sick and unjust. No group that does it is “religious.”
Palm Beach Post
Talk of imminent war with Iran has subsided, since Iran shows signs that war may not be necessary to halt the country’s nuclear program.
Palm Beach Daily News
Was the Libya attack a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Muslim video or a calculated move by al-Qaida timed for the anniversary of 9/11?
Fort Myers News-Press
Israel’s Embassy to the U.S. is mocking Iran on Twitter because its news agency ran a a satirical item from The Onion as real news.
Biz Pac Review
Listen again to his recent speech to the General Assembly and see what he left out of it, compared to his past rants, somebody just blinked.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Education First, could have been by far the most important event of the General Assembly.
Miami Herald
Both rebutted President Obama’s defense of freedom of expression, arguing that cultural limits on rights like freedom of speech had to be respected.
Diario Las Americas
CNN revealed Friday it had used U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens’ journal, found by a reporter, as a source.
USF Oracle
The last two presidents have misled voters on the cost of armed conflicts. The drumbeats of war are sounding again. This time the subject is Iran.
Charlotte Sun
Afghanistan is still more mess than progress, and the U.S. should waste no time in leaving a nation that doesn’t want to be built.
Palm Beach Post
Leading from behind is not an effective strategy. In fact, it is not leading at all, as the events since Sept. 11, and even before, have proven.
Biz Pac Review
All those in the world who are interested in the cause of peace and freedom, should follow closely national and international events.
Diario Las Americas
Why is there no surprise that Gainesville's most hateful religious "leader" is once again playing the stooge for terrorists?
Lakeland Ledger
If America retaliated every time it was blasphemed in foreign countries we’d be at war with half the world.
Havana Herald
Mr. Romney can’t just ignore foreign policy. He had better learn to talk about it with skill.
Northwest Florida Daily News
Netanyahu shot back, "Those ... who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel."
Biz Pac Review

Letter To The Editor

After watching the Cairo embassy fiasco – reading about the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans killed – kind of brings back...

Panama City News Herald

I can’t understand why any American would sit idly by why someone else discusses chipping away at their rights afforded to them by The United...

Gainesville Sun

I apologize to Jimmy Carter....

Northwest Florida Daily News

Of all the disingenuous, reprehensible, actions taken by flawed and failed President Barack Obama, none is more intolerable than his obvious...

Hernando Today

There are commonsense approaches to...

Tampa Bay Times

Op Ed

For the next decade, a diversified mix of energy sources will remain strategically important.

News Press of Fort Myers

This week, trade negotiators from around the world have gathered just outside Washington, D.C., to discuss a trade agreement that could...

Tallahassee Democrat

Climate scientists are in nearly unanimous agreement that increasing greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels are causing global warming...

Tallahassee Democrat

The chances for most of us to meet a North Korean in our lifetimes are pretty slim. But this experience gave me an opportunity to build bridges...

Citrus County Chronicle

It is customary and justified, from time to time, for people and institutions, organizations and groups, to do some soul-searching and reexamine...

Naples Daily News

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