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Bio - Jbob

John Bobowicz
John Bobowicz is the technology wizard behind the Florida Voices website. Better known as "Jbob,” he founded and runs Raptor Ink, an Internet marketing firm outside of Orlando. Jbob is a visionary with a keen interest in marketing and online community building. Early in his career, he worked at Sun Microsystems, where he founded java.net, the largest Java developer community. Later, he built data centers and led the Y2K effort at Merrill Lynch. More recently, as senior development director at EA Sports, he helped create video games, including Madden NFL, NCAA Football, Tiger Woods and NASCAR. Jbob is a native of New Jersey, a graduate of Upsala College and worked on the 32nd Floor of Tower 2 of the Word Trade Center until September 11, 2001.

by Dr. Radut.