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Captain Stuart Lilly
President, Florida Harbor Pilots Association
Florida’s Harbor Pilots Congratulate Gov. Scott for Achievement Award

On behalf of Florida’s nearly 100 harbor pilots, we would like to congratulate Gov. Rick Scott on receiving the 2012 “Florida’s International Achievement Award.” Thanks to his outstanding leadership, Gov. Scott has taken an active role in promoting and expanding Florida’s position as a competitive front-runner in the trade and tourism industry in the United States and across the globe.

Harbor pilots are responsible for navigating cruise and cargo ships in and out of Florida’s 14 deepwater ports, and work tirelessly to keep commerce flowing and ensure the safety of the port. With Florida’s economy poised for growth and with the expansion of the Panama Canal, it is essential that we continue to work diligently to expand and maintain Florida’s seaports to set the path for continued economic growth and job creation.

Gov. Scott’s commitment to Florida’s ports and his public advocacy to better equip our state’s waterways and the infrastructure that supports them, is just what we need to move us into the promising future of Florida’s growing trade and tourism industry. Thank you, Gov. Scott!

Captain Stuart Lilly is president of the Florida Harbor Pilots Association.

by Dr. Radut.