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Health Care

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Obamacare has changed those incentives by artificially increasing the cost of labor.
Panama City News Herald
Tallahassee officials are talking with federal officials about expanding Medicaid, let's hope they don't break the Florida budget in the process.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Finally, Hernando County residents fighting drug addiction will have a place closer to home to get help.
Hernando Times
Did you see the recent Pink Paper issue of the Chronicle? We print the special edition each year to draw attention to the fight against breast cancer.
Citrus County Chronicle
The state needs to give the database a stable source of money.
Palm Beach Post
The state can pay a little now, or pay dearly later in lives lost.
Orlando Sentinel
The faux bath salts and incense can mimic drugs such as cocaine and LSD — dangerous stuff, especially for kids.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
The Indian River County School Board nears a decision to establish a free health clinic for school district employees, retirees and dependents.
Treasure Coast Palm
Unreasonable restrictions on the funding of Florida's prescription drug database threaten to act like a poison pill.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
We are all great at gestures of support; I would just like us to start backing up those words with our actions.
FSU Flambeau
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we're betting you've never seen it done like this. Tallahassee is painting the town pink.
Tallahassee Democrat
The St. Andrew clinic — and the indigent population it serves — may pay a steep price for the county’s failure.
Panama City News Herald
Gov. Scott should fulfill his primary duty as governor and put Floridians' lives at the top of his agenda.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
It’s been three long, nasty years of feuding for control of Citrus Memorial hospital.
Citrus County Chronicle
In the wake of a report that Bert Fish Medical Center could have as many as 31 potential suitors, residents should feel reassured.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Ultimately, the taxpayers will, in some form, continue to help the most vulnerable members of society obtain health care.
Naples Daily News
Predictions about how government actions will affect health care often are wrong.
Palm Beach Post

Letter To The Editor

In Florida, about 2,200 women die every year of breast cancer, but the reality is that three times more women (6,400) die of lung cancer and 15...

Ocala Star Banner

While potentially advantageous for...

Tampa Bay Times

That there are 54,209...

Tampa Tribune

Op Ed

Since when did being a woman and being...

Tampa Bay Times

Our patients face multiple roadblocks to getting tested for HIV. Showing up at the hospital or doctor’s office should not be another one.

Florida Times-Union

If you are a parent like me, and you are ready to discuss these issues with your son or daughter, it’s important that you have the best resources...

Gainesville Sun

Don’t be fooled by Rep. Ryan’s earnest appeals that the over-55 set have nothing to fear: Everyone should worry about what the Ryan plan would...

Palm Beach Post

Treatment is effective, and people do recover.

Tallahassee Democrat

by Dr. Radut.