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Health Care

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The numbers are in, and our readers tell us they deeply dislike President Obama’s health care overhaul, the Affordable Care Act.
Northwest Florida Daily News
The gun control debate rises anew after another mass shooting, but mental health treatment should receive the same critical attention, maybe more.
Tampa Bay Times
A $400 million complex, boasting cutting-edge technology and nationally renowned researchers, with one goal: help sick children.
Orlando Sentinel
It was sweet vindication for counties this month when a review of disputed Medicaid bills found they had been overcharged $200 million by the state.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
If $130,000 is going to be spent on a private consultant, the least that taxpayers ought to expect is a thorough review of all of the options.
Tampa Bay Times
The episode merely adds to Haley's record of failing to give straight answers and tarnishing its public image.
Tampa Bay Times
There is good news concerning the fight against the virus that causes AIDS.
Gasparilla Gazette
Marco Island City Council believes islanders want an extra level of health care protection at night.
Naples Daily News
Florida counties have long argued that the state was overcharging them for Medicaid reimbursements.
Lakeland Ledger
I’ve been trying to imagine what living in South Florida would be like if retirees threw away their pills and started smoking pot instead.
Palm Beach Post
Why is the Scott administration trying to act as though a tuberculosis outbreak in Florida is no big deal?
Palm Beach Post
Gov. Rick Scott’s oh-so-quick dismissal of the opportunity to provide healthcare to more Floridians under Medicaid should not be the last word.
Miami Herald
Gov. Rick Scott ordered the Florida Department of Health to create a system to score and rank the county health department in each of the 67 counties.
Lakeland Ledger
A mental health care crisis confronts Manatee County. Indigent patients,
Bradenton Herald
State and local officials are scrambling in Jacksonville to deal with what may be the largest outbreak of tuberculosis in the U.S. in 20 years.
Florida Times-Union
It was depressing to pick up my Tampa Bay Times the other morning to read: "Most Floridians still oppose federal Affordable Care Act.
Tampa Bay Times
Now that President Obama has beaten back opposition to his Affordable Health Care Act, it his road to reelection victory may be on Easy Street!
Daytona Times/Florida Courier

Op Ed

The medical malpractice tort system in the United States is not adequately accomplishing its three main goals.

Tallahassee Democrat

Excellence at Lee Mental Health is clearly not an exception, but rather the prevailing attitude.

News Press of Fort Myers

Letter To The Editor

Some small-business owners like the insurance exchange concept. Exchanges will allow citizens and small-business owners to go online and leverage...

Daytona Beach News-Journal

Health insurance plans and government programs shield patients from the true cost of services provided, leading to expensive health care by...

News Press of Fort Myers

We are going in the wrong direction by making more people dependent on failed government programs. Freedom and government downsizing will create...

Tampa Bay Times

The statistics in this column indicating that older Americans disapprove of the Affordable Care Act reminded me of a confrontation I had three...

Tampa Bay Times

I think he is in favor of Obamacare because it will force more and more people to his palliative care facility as well as hospice facilities...

Daytona Beach News-Journal

by Dr. Radut.