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Henry Kelley, a bio
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Henry Kelley is a small business owner in Fort Walton Beach. His firm, Cobalt Blue, Inc., is engaged in a variety of consulting agreements, including pharmaceutical operations, engine manufacturing, event and attractions management, and his favorite: water and sewer operations. 

Why his favorite?  Because if you want to see government function or dysfunction, attend a meeting on water and sewer planning. 


Henry also is a top leader of Florida’s tea party movement, having organized one of the state’s strongest, most active groups. He frequently addresses the Legislature, but only after taking the time to actually read the bills. This year, he had the unique pleasure of having his proposed redistricting map for the Florida Senate struck down by the Florida Supreme Court. 


Henry is a decorated Army veteran who served in Desert Storm. He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and an MBA from Rollins College. 



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